Entrance to the Mage's College
After reaching the college, the party are refused access by administration who require identification or an appointment. The party retire to the local tavern after nearly being kicked out by the secretary but manage to meet the College’s Dean for his local drink.

After loading a few drink into the Dean he is more talkative. The party manage to enthuse the Dean with a native Skylandian folk song. He can’t sign for such an unofficial meeting but agrees to meet you for a lunch meeting the next day

Night of the Living Kobold
As the Night goes on the Storm gets worse and worse, visibility drops to near zero. Shelter is needed fast and after an hour of searching a small cave is spotted. The party takes refuge in the cave, so exhausted they don’t even bother to set up a fire. The paladin on watch-duty senses evil in the night and wake the others. The ranger still deeply mistrusting of the paladin goes back to sleep. A series of rather large rocks collapse from the ceiling, the others manage to dodge out of the way but the Ranger is hit by them. Over 20 Undead Kobolds rise up from out of the ground. The collapse blocked the entrance forcing the party to engage the zombies. One by one the party are dropped till only the bard and the bleeding out fighter are left standing. The bard falls unconscious and the fighter is left to combat the last 5 Kobolds. He barely defeats them before succumbing to his wounds and passing out. The party regain consciousness in the morning and clear the rubble to exit. The next 250 miles of the journey are covered over the course of 5 days whereupon Korran’s Maw is reached.


The Bugbear incident
The party sets off up the treacherous mountain route . As they trek up the misty mountain side, the snow begins to thicken. A few miles into the journey a burnt out log cabin comes into sight. The cabin is burnt from the inside with several charred corpses. Tracks leading away from the cabin are recognises to be two or more Bugbears. Carefully the party follows the tracks. Coming to a series of ledges, the pixie scouts ahead. Shot down by an arrow, the pixie realises they’ve been ambushed and alerts the others. Combat proceeds and the bugbears are easily overrun, the last one commits suicide rather than admit defeat. The party continues to follow the trail into the nights snow storm.


The wounded are dragged up to the sheltered beach as night approaches. The pixie flies up high and notices the lights of a town behind a peninsula, not more then three hours travel ,alas the party cannot travel due to injuries that have been sustained. Due to the careless dragging of the Ranger by the Paladin, sand got into the the wound and the Ranger could only just about travel the next morning.

They party arrive at the town of Ka’Rhashan. Brought to the mayor by the town’s guards, the party is informed they have provided a great service to the towns people by dispatching of the sea hag who blocked trade routes. The mayor gives a reward of 100 gold pieces and a map. The mayor also eludes that the Paladin may not be of human descent. After explaining their situation, the party is redirected to the Mage’s College in Frostmantle just beyond the Valley of Koran’s Maw.

It is explained that large spiders unusual appearance may be due to the rumoured new home of the necromancer deep within the forests depths.

After a celebratory drink and jig at the local tavern, the party retires for the Night, ready to make travel for Frostmantle as soon as possible.


1st Encounters
Your fall is broken by the soft but thick canopy of an underlying forest. Confused by the previous events and even more so by your unusual surroundings you head the direction deciphered to be West by your Bard.

The Pixie flies high up into the canopy to try and get a better bearing of the parties surroundings. Russelling can be heard in the nearby tree tops and the party decides it wise to take cover and hide.

A large group of Gigantic Spiders passes by as you narrowly escape their vision. Upon reaching the Large body of water, later to become known as the sea, the party takes a quick break to recover. In desperate fatigue you drink from the water only to be disgusted by its salty taste.

The ranger decides to lead the party and suddenly begins to walk towards the coast. It becomes apparent that he has been entranced by the song of a sea hag. The paladin following the bard closely, strikes out at the sea hag but instead slices into the Ranger’s back, mortally wounding him. The Fighter seizing the hag’s surprise takes the opportunity to punch her in the face with his fist.

The hag is eventually defeated.


Skylandia , Beginings

Your story began as you were hurtled out of your native homeland of Skylandia: a series of floating planes above the cloud line with no ground contact in an unknown number of years. Upon drinking you decide to stay at Jack’s house overnight . The next day you awake to find you have slept in and rush out. Upon flying to the spring solstice festivities you were knocked off your mounts by a sudden unnatural tornado.
As you began to fall to the surface, you accepted the inevitable death that was expected to follow. In your head you hear the rough voice of an unknown man chanting:

“You must find the answer to the question that has not been thought to be asked”
And then… land……


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