Allister "apple seed"

Shifty eyes and a pinstripe suit, he'll never go anywhere without his umbrella.


He wears a pinstripe suit and bowler hat kept in suspiciously pristine condition, his Shoes never seem to drag dirt and his black umbrella never leaves his side. His blue eyes are so blue they almost seem to glow and his smile could melt the heart of an ice elemental. He’s an international man of mystery. He could leave a homophobe moist and wanting. It is said that they tried once to make silk out of his hair but it was so soft that the tailor went blind.


He was from originally from skylandia itself. You recognise his father’s face in his own. The fateful day still lives in infamy to all of his relations on skylandia. He was flying with his family to the spring solstice. It was a beautiful, sunny day. When all of a sudden, a small black tornado erupted from the clouds below. The youth and his family were lost. Little is known about what happened to them, there were rumours that they still lived on skylandia somewhere but nobody ever found them.

Allister "apple seed"

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